About Us

Mac Photo Night was born out of a desire to honor the late Denning "Mac" McArthur and to cherish photography. We are a group of photographers, photography lovers, friends and family in and around Ventura County.

If you would like to attend one of our events, it is best to contact any of the charter members first. -Greg

Expressing Gratitude

Mac Photo night is not a "Christian" gathering, though David and Erin LaBelle are Christians.

David says:
"Denning McArthur, my teacher, often expressed how grateful he was to those that had helped him in his not-so-easy life. It was that gratitude, and a sincere compassion for those who suffered from war or hunger or illiteracy that moved him to give to dozens of charitable organization, even though he was never a wealthy man. During nearly a decade of Monday night meetings in his home, he would ask me to give thanks to God before each meal. It is in honoring that spirit of thanksgiving I feel compelled to carry on that important tradition at Mac PhotoNight." -David LaBelle

Past Events

Eric Parsons, freelance photojournalist, presented at our November event. (Photo by Greg A. Cooper ©2008)


Ventura County Star staff photographer James Glover II presented at our September event
hosted by the Reid family. (Photo by Greg A. Cooper ©2008)


Erin LaBelle presents her work at our outdoor venue at Rob Clements house.
(Photo by Greg A. Cooper ©2008)


Salads of all types along with other foods were on hand during our July Mac Photo Night
at Rob's house in Ojai.
(Photo by Greg A. Cooper ©2008)


Jenning hosted the June Mac Photo Night with our largest crowd yet. After our Taco Night Potluck,
Jenning presented her incredible work in her backyard, fitting for her adventure photography.
(Photo by Greg A. Cooper ©2008)


Brad Mangin presented at one our first gatherings earlier this year.
(Photo by Greg A. Cooper ©2008)