Charter Member Erin LaBelle

Erin LaBelle with her son Henry enjoying a sunny morning while visiting Penny Harvey at her home in Ojai.
(Photo by Greg A. Cooper ©2005)

A Gallery of Erin's work

Erin is currently a home-schooling mama full time and a photographer part time. A New Orleans native, she was raised in Nashville, TN and received a B.A. in French and English from the University of Alabama.

After discovering photography at The Art Institute of Atlanta, Erin did time at Western Kentucky University and Ohio University before embarking upon internships. A big believer in learning by doing, she cherished the time spent interning at The Bremerton Sun and The Palm Beach Post.
Next, she spent time at The Henderson Gleaner before being whisked away to California by the love of her life, David LaBelle.

Erin freelanced at The Ventura County Star until God gave her the best gifts of her life, Tucker and Henry. Motherhood took her eyes and her heart to a different level and after a few years of freelancing in Pittsburgh, PA, the family moved to Lexington, Kentucky, and Erin started Circle of Life Photography, which is dedicated to motherhood and family.

Erin now lives in Oak View, California with her amazing family. She and her husband David shoot weddings, work with The Image Works stock agency, and try to tackle a variety of other endeavors. They are continually looking for opportunities to serve God with their cameras.

Erin came to photojournalism with a desire to inspire people love each other.
Her favorite issues are motherhood, natural parenting, children, education, organic gardening, health and LOVE.

Erin is eternally grateful for the time spent with Grandpa Mac and all the Monday night phone conversations when the LaBelles lived outside of California. His generosity and big heart were inspirational.

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