Denning McArthur Feedback Forum

Denning watches the sky outside of his Ventura, Calif., home. (Photo by David LaBelle ©2007)

If you knew Denning 'Mac' McArthur and would like to leave feedback, please do so. Comments will be posted here on this site. Let me know if you have any questions. -Greg


Mr. Mac - what can anyone say who was ever in his class he could scare the crap out of you with a look and then there would be a wrinkle at the edge of his eyes and a slow smile would appear on his face and you knew you'd hit on what he was trying to teach you.  He gave me the guts to go out to the football games and shoot pictures of the games.  I was so afraid, not to take the pictures, but because that was a time for dress codes and I couldn't see wearing a dress to lay on the ground and take pictures so I wore the forbidden pants.  When I came back from the first game I'd shot I cried after telling Mr. Mac some boys hit me with water balloons for wearing pants and they laughed at me.  He laughed and said, "But did you get the shot" then he smiled.  He had a way of putting things into perspective for us all and to catch life at its most embarrassing, funny, sensitive, and sad moments.  Click, click and a moment of expression, passion, or fear could be captured don't be afraid.  Yes, I remember Mr. Mac.  I have tried to pass on what he taught me about photography and life to my children all four of them are either involved in photography or have an appreciation for it.   I can go into each their homes and look on their walls and smile because I'll see that one shot Mr. Mac would have seen and been proud of.  My children will never know Mr. Mac but he was responsible for giving me the seeds for planting and discovering what their imaginations could do behind the camera.  Thank You Mr. Mac.

-Lynette (Jackson) McDougall - 1969-1970


I was a student of Mac's, graduating 1968. I remember so well the many
hours spent in the darkroom, emerging smelling like developer. Oh, and
those Pentax Spotmatic F's! Mac was a fabulous teacher, my favorite. His
daughters, Peggy and Polly were my friends. I loved going to visit them,
especially when I could sit in that big room in their house and visit with
Mac. I learned to like skim milk in that big room. Mac's sense of humor
was fabulous. If anyone knows how to contact Peggy, please let her know
that Pam (Phillips) Link is trying to find her.

Because of Mac, I have continued enjoying and expanding my photography.
He had an affect on many students long after their graduation from Ventura
High School.

-Pam Link


I grew up across the street from mr. mac and played with Peggy and Polly in our avocado tree—graduted Ventura Hiigh and photo 2 in 71—went to Brooks and had a large portrait studio for 35 yrs.—he had taken a photo of me when I was 4 and I ended my lectures with that and the portrait I did of him with some of his work –to a great man that many of us think of every day and are greatful to him for what he taught all of us—such an inspiration

-Roxy Bogner Pearson

In 1953 - 1955 I had the privilege to be in Mr. Mac’s photography class. He inspired me to see things differently; not only in framing a scene to photograph but to look at life differently. In other words, he took his students out of their comfort zone and broadened our views in life.  His love for his family was an inspiration. He cared past the class room; he teased me about becoming engaged so young, told me IF this was the one God had chosen for me it would last.  He came to my wedding and I’ve been married to my husband for 57 years.  He was right!


-Neila Cooper Swor